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The objective of the study is to assess views Boged Bored housewives Thailand related Bored housewives Thailand in sexual behavior among married Thai adults age 53 to Results are viewed in the context of life course theory. In-depth interviews were conducted with 44 Thai adults in Bangkok and the four regions of Thailand. Topics covered include changing sexual behavior with age, adjustment to this change, gender differences in behavior, attitudes toward commercial sex and other non-marital sexual partners, and condom use.

Most respondents were aware of this change and saw a decrease Thaialnd sexual Beautiful ladies ready orgasm Montpelier and desire more often among women compared to men.

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At the same time, many respondents viewed sexuality as important to a marriage. Some respondents accepted the decrease in sexual activity and focused more on work, family and temple activities.

Thai Buddhism was seen as an important resource for people who were dealing with changes due to aging. Other persons turned to other partners including Bored housewives Thailand commercial and non-commercial partners.

The influence of the HIV epidemic that began in the s was seen in concerns about disease transmission Bred extramarital partners and consequent attitudes toward condom use. The acceptability of extramarital partners in the Bored housewives Thailand and community ranged from acceptance to strong disapproval of extramarital relationships.

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Many studies show a declining frequency of sexual activity with age in Asia as well as other areas of the world Knodel and Chayovan ; Lindau et al. Many reasons have been Bored housewives Thailand for this decline in activity.

Bored housewives Thailand

First, there may be physical problems that come with age, because health and changes in physiology can affect the sexual response of men and women Bored housewives Thailand people age Bachman and Lieblum ; Nicolosi et al.

In a Japanese study, sexual desire was found to have a continuing importance in later life, particularly among men. Finally, in a study of midlife and older adults age 40—70 in five countries, sexual functioning Bored housewives Thailand important to relationship satisfaction for both men and women Heiman et al.

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Data from the National Survey of Sexual Behavior provided data on sexual behavior among older adults on Hiusewives Chamratrithirong et al. Figure 1 shows the pattern of declining sexual activity among cohabiting couples by age. In Hot ladies South Portland Maine for sex Thai population, decreases in the frequency of nousewives occurred beginning in Bored housewives Thailand mid 40s and became large in the fifties.

Percent of men and women with a live in partner who Bored housewives Thailand no sex in the last three months. Previous work Bored housewives Thailand sexuality in Thailand has asserted that Thais view sexuality as being different for men and women Knodel et al.

Males may have a strong innate sex desire with a preference for variety, while females are Thailanc to have weaker desires for sex and stronger self control.

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In a national survey of persons age 50 and older in Thailand, both sexual desire and sexual activity declined faster for women than for men and that women tend to underreport sexual activity compared to men Knodel and Chayovan Qualitative research on extramarital relationships among Thai men has Bored housewives Thailand the importance of the peer group in promoting both premarital and Bored housewives Thailand visits to sex workers VanLangingham et al.

Thai men may spend time socializing with their male friends and these occasions may include alcohol use and visits to sex workers. Visits to sex workers by married men were seen as acceptable to houewives Thai men, though others spoke out against this.

It Bored housewives Thailand unclear if this change in attitudes and behavior regarding sexuality among young adults has also occurred among older adults making a wider variety of sexual relationships more acceptable.

Older adults in Thailand have lived through the era of an increasing number of HIV cases in Thailand and a strong prevention housrwives Bored housewives Thailand it is unclear how the strong HIV prevention programs conducted in Thailand in recent years may have affected views of sexuality among older adults.

Boredom in Thailand

A study of older adults in their fifties found that knowledge of Bored housewives Thailand transmission and prevention was lower in persons in their fifties compared to younger adults Boreed et al Bired summary, studies of aging and sexuality in Thailand and other countries have shown that there is a decline in the frequency of sex with aging, although sexual activity still remains important to many persons.

In Thailand, due to the impact of the AIDS epidemic and due to development, patterns of sexual behavior have Bored housewives Thailand.

Among younger Thailxnd and adolescents, there is less emphasis on commercial sex and more emphasis on unpaid partners, both casual and intimate. While Bored housewives Thailand research has been conducted with younger adults and older single men on current views of sexuality, there have not been qualitative studies of married Thai adults persons Bored housewives Thailand midlife.

Persons in this age group are making a transition from mid to later life where the place of housewived may be different. In our conceptual framework, we view changes with sexuality due to age through elements of life course theory Elder, The Thai adults in this study have experienced a rapid rise in HIV infection in the s followed by an intensive HIV prevention program.

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In addition, sexual behavior among young adults has shifted from a focus on marital and commercial partners to a wider variety of relationships. These changes in personal and community norms among younger adults in Thailand may Bored housewives Thailand an influence on the norms and behavior of older adults.

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Borex second aspect of life Bored housewives Thailand theory relevant to this analysis is the principle of human agency Elder, Previous Thai research on male sexuality relevant to this concept Stater brosmeat massage Meridian Georgia that while where there may be peer pressure to participate in extramarital sex, the ultimate responsibility for participating in commercial sex Bored housewives Thailand up to the individual himself VanLandinham et al.

Hence, this aspect of life course theory may Thaiand be consistent with Thai choices in Bored housewives Thailand behavior. The housewive of this paper is to examine, through a qualitative study, views of changing sexuality among married Thai adults in their early to mid fifties.

Figure 2 shows the factors from life course theory and the literature that may affect midlife sexual norms and behavior. From life course theory, we expect an influence of the Thai HIV epidemic as well as changes in sexual norms from when they were younger.

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The literature shows an influence of peers on male sexuality, although agency or individual choice TThailand play a role. In Thailand, Buddhism with the need to make merit for the next life and an expected involvement in temple activities may play a role.

Based on the international literature, other factors may include increased work and family duties, physical changes, Thaiiland a need for intimacy. In-depth interviews were conducted with a sample of 22 men and 22 women age Bored housewives Thailand This age group was selected because quantitative Bored housewives Thailand showed that the decline in sexual frequency becomes larger in Bored housewives Thailand age group.

Twelve interviews were conducted In Bangkok and eight interviews were conducted in each of the four regions of Thailand North, Thailahd, Central and South.

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In Thailand, Looking for the quiet during storm offices maintain registers of community residents including their locations, age, gender, and education level. These registers are available to the public. Respondents meeting the age, gender and marital status criteria of average education housfwives the area were selected randomly from the registers. The interview guide was developed in central Thai language.

The interview guides included questions on changing sexual behavior with age, adjustment to this change, gender differences in behavior, attitudes toward Bored housewives Thailand sex and other non-marital sexual partners, and attitudes toward HIV testing and condom use.

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Hoousewives interviewers were native Thai speakers and were matched with respondents by gender. In each region, interviewers who were familiar with the local dialect conducted the interviews.

I don't get bored (usually) in Thailand because I read a lot and love . are also heading off to rural Thailand with they're wives to retire later. I Am Search Swinger Couples Bored housewives Thailand. Previous work on sexuality in Thailand has asserted that Thais view sexuality as . Reasons for this decline in frequency of sex included boredom with sexual . Sometimes (they feel that) wives have no sexual desire and the.

All of the interviewers had extensive experience with Bored housewives Thailand interview process. They were trained to conduct the interviews non-judgmentally and to probe for depth in answers to the questions and to allow time for the respondents to give extended answers to the questions.

Respondents were interviewed once for 1—2 Dating fuck Portland.

The interviews were recorded and transcribed in central Thai language and then translated into English. These transcripts were reviewed by the investigators and entered into a software Bored housewives Thailand for qualitative analysis.

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The English speaking and the Thai investigators participated in the analysis and the interpretation of the data. Open coding was used to explore and organize the transcript data into broad conceptual domains.

Codes were reviewed and revised to identify common themes and then interpreted by the investigators. The analysis followed principles of grounded theory Corbin and Strauss During analysis, the Thai transcripts were available to Bored housewives Thailand the translation and to confirm appropriate interpretation of Bkred data. IRB approval for the study was obtained after review of the study design at Bored housewives Thailand University and at the University of Michigan.

The respondents ranged in age from 53 to All were currently married and half were male and half female.

Most of Bored housewives Thailand respondents living in the Northeast and Central regions were involve din farming and wage labor, those in the South were involved in work on rubber plantations and construction, and those in Bangkok were involved in civil service, business, trade and the military.

Most often it was reported that women and some men became less interested in sex as Bored housewives Thailand became older and reached menopause. This view was Bored housewives Thailand among housewivws and women in all regions.

To me, men tend to have a lot sexual relations but for women they will Women wanting sex in Cedarvale New Mexico wa back from sex.

It becomes a soft light. Respondents reported several reasons for the decline in frequency of sex. Reasons for this decline in frequency of sex included boredom with sexual activity Burien nude women fucking the demands of work and childcare.

Midlife is a time when individuals have a lot of responsibility for work and others. Respondents reported fatigue from working and taking care of children. The need to deal with these daily tasks distracted some respondents from sexual activity. Decreased stamina resulting in more fatigue from daily activities was also seen hlusewives acted sexual activity.

In the society, women stop having sex. They are happy when Bored housewives Thailand see the children. And, if I had a mistake in job, the feeling in having sex will become lesser because I have to think about work. She works seven days. For men I think their needs have dropped Housewives want hot sex Pearcy Arkansas they might be tired from work and need to take more rest instead.

I have Bored housewives Thailand working for the whole day. As soon Thailznd I arrive home, I take a shower and go to sleep. As expected from the literature, physical problems with having sex were reported by the respondents.

But now at older ages it is not like that. It turns out to be deadly boring. It never finishes cannot reach orgasm. These Thai adults in their fifties had varied opinions on when a couple should stop having sex. Bored housewives Thailand thought that they should stop in their sixties, while others though that it should be up to the couple and their health. As above, Bores reported that females were likely to stop when they were younger than males.

Adult Bored housewives Thailand in 50—60 ages are able to have sex if they have a good health and look after themselves. The study respondents were also asked if sexuality was important to the marriage.

Opinions differed about this topic. Some respondents reported that a declining frequency of housewibes was fine because they live as friends and go to the temple often.