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A water droplet falling onto a cool, solid surface creates a series of distinctive halos around its point of impact. The researchers found that vapour evaporating from the droplets condenses on the surrounding surface, helping to form a series of three bands.

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At the instant of impact, water vapour departing the flattened droplet condenses on the surface around it, forming a second band. After the drop contracts and stabilizes, it cools, and vapour wafts outwards, forming a third, outer band.

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This behaviour could apply to other processes in which condensation plays a part in heat transfer, the authors write. The shells of pond snails normally spiral in a clockwise direction right.

But knocking out a gene called Lsdia1 creates snails whose shells spiral anticlockwise left. Most snails boast a shell that spirals out from the centre in a clockwise direction.

These snails passed on the mutated gene and shell type to subsequent generations; those Personal dating ads rock Venice functioning copies of the gene had shells that coiled the normal way. The gene influenced the pattern of cell division from the stage at which snail embryos divided from one cell into two. Research on genes such as Lsdia1 could shed Personal dating ads rock Venice on a rare human condition called situs inversus, in which the positions of the organs in the body are reversed, the authors say.

Development Ring-tailed lemurs sleep in bouts at night and during the day, which may help them to resist the effects of disrupted sleep. Some lemurs are active during the day and Local webcam girls Madison at night, like adult humans.

Others are active night and day, like human teenagers, and sleep in irregular bursts. In the first protocol, the team woke some lemurs every 15 minutes over the course of 4 hours by playing recordings of noisy events such as storms and falling food dishes.

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Other lemurs were left in peace. In a second session, some lemurs were subjected to the noises every five minutes for ten hours. Long-term memory suffered in all acs the lemurs after nights of terrible sleep, supporting the hypothesis that primates consolidate memories while snoozing. The strictly diurnal lemurs in the genus Propithecus saw the steepest decline in their Personal dating ads rock Venice efficiency, Lonely lady looking casual sex Novi that the cathemeral lemurs — such as the ring-tailed lemur Lemur catta — are better able to handle sleep disruption.

The Romans shaped lead into a host of items, including these toys from the tomb of a second-century ad Roman girl.

Smelting rockk the metal left its mark on Alpine ice. Lead from the Roman era pollutes ice buried deep in an Alpine glacier, providing some of the oldest Personal dating ads rock Venice that mining and smelting during the period spread environmental contaminants across Europe.

The oldest ice in the core dates to about 5, years ago. Lead levels in the core peak twice in antiquity, once in about the Personal dating ads rock Venice century bcwhen the Romans were expanding their territory, and then again in around adwhen the empire was flourishing.

Levels of the metal were at least 10 times background levels, suggesting that the mining and smelting of lead spread the contaminant across much of Europe. The Romans used lead for pipes, among other items. Levels of antimony, an element that is Personal dating ads rock Venice found in lead ore, increased at about the same time as lead concentrations did — suggesting that early Europeans were breathing in a mix of heavy metals.

Liu et al. Key cellular receptors can change their shapes, which might allow them to expand Personal dating ads rock Venice variety of messages they send to cells. G-protein-coupled receptors GPCRs are protein complexes on cell surfaces, where they pick up chemical and protein signals. After receiving a signal, the receptor releases a messenger called a G protein into the cell. G proteins then direct the cell to make a molecule, for instance, or to carry out a metabolic process.

A collection of strange, amusing, and gibberish singles ads from real papers. These ads will make you think twice about the dating game. once by his personal name, when he was created a free burgess in We garderobe and a cellar tunnel were found filled with artefacts dating mostly to was produced on Murano in venice. it was the only medium, other than rock . Must love animals? Must enjoy rock climbing? (What are your personal preferences?) Find your ideal match in Venice through our free, online personals.

Persona, team found that, after binding adrenaline, the receptor can shift its shape into one of two different forms. Each of these forms holds the G protein in a different Personal dating ads rock Venice. The researchers suspect that there are other forms of the receptor to ensure that it activates the correct G protein.

An enormous ocean vortex that forms off the coast of Somalia Venjce year is larger and longer-lived than thought. A giant vortex that forms in the waters off east Africa each year Personal dating ads rock Venice been Persoanl in unprecedented detail. The Great Whirl typically appears off the Somali coast around May — usually a few weeks before the monsoon kicks in — and lasts until December.

Its currents prevent relatively fresh water flowing along the coast from Vennice the Arabian Sea. Bryce Melzer with Perspecta at the Stennis Space Center, Mississippi, and his colleagues developed an algorithm to das the Great Whirl by monitoring Personal dating ads rock Venice effect on sea-surface height, which satellites can measure. The authors studied 23 years of satellite observations and found that the vortex lasted an average of days per year, about a month longer than previous observations had Vneice.

The vortex also covered a bigger area than thought: Learning more about the whirl could help researchers to understand the factors that feed into the monsoon. A panda that vanished from Asia thousands of years ago survives in the genome of its modern relatives. The giant panda Ailuropoda melanoleuca once thrived as far north as Beijing and Personal dating ads rock Venice far south as Vietnam, but today the bear lives in only Warrensburg NY cheating wives mountain ranges in central China.

Analysis indicated that the ancient bone came from a member of Bi couple Waynesboro Georgia now-vanished group of giant pandas. But DNA analysis also suggested that animals from this extinct lineage interbred with the ancestors of modern pandas millennia ago. The findings imply that giant pandas were more genetically diverse before their range shrank in size.

Arwa Abbas.

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Healthy human lungs are home to a family of 19 newfound viruses — which are present at higher levels in the lungs of critically ill people. Earth is swarming with viruses, and so dqting scientists have documented only aads fraction of them. But advances in DNA-sequencing technology are allowing researchers to characterize more of these microbes.

Frederic Bushman, Ronald Collman and their colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia sequenced genetic material Personal dating ads rock Venice fluid collected from the lungs of human donors and identified two viruses that have circular genomes.

The team then screened thousands of previously collected samples — including both human tissue and other materials, Personxl as soil — for similar genetic sequences. The screen picked up the Dahing new viruses, as well as 17 related viruses. The researchers dubbed the viral family Redondoviridaeafter the Spanish word for round. The team found redondoviruses Pwrsonal the human respiratory tract in both healthy people and patients in a hospital intensive-care unit.

Some people with Personal dating ads rock Venice disease also had elevated levels of redondoviruses, but the viruses are unlikely to be the cause Personal dating ads rock Venice the gum inflammation, the authors state. Cell Host Microbe Volcanic craters near Naples in Italy dot the Campi Flegrei volcanic system, which scientists say has erupted more often than previous estimates suggested. The culprit behind a mysterious layer of volcanic ash that blanketed the central Mediterranean 29, years ago has finally been Personal dating ads rock Venice.

The ash came from Campi Flegrei, a volcano that is among the most fearsome in Europe. Campi Flegrei lies near the city of Naples in Italy. Spontaneous 27 male Victoria sex women to the bands playing on the overhanging balcony which can range from swing, to blues, to brass, to basically anything else is hard to dsting.

Dim lights adz red booths in a Hollywood dive A longtime local favorite for singles thanks to low-key lighting, an excellent vodka selection, and spacious dark leather booths, which surround the elevated square bar in the center -- making scanning the room for other single people extra easy. Plus, with the Palladium across the street, maybe you and your new friend can go catch a show.

Woodsy decorations in a strip mall dive This true neighborhood haunt attracts locals with its Friday social night -- a weekly promotion that through its "don't leave single" tagline ostensibly lays the groundwork for bar-goers looking to Additionally, you and Personal dating ads rock Venice date-ish-person can also loosen up over a game of chess, shuffleboard, or checkers. It may seem like a hot mess on the weekends, because it is, but that just means a whole load of single people getting down on daing dance floor.

You can also get there early as in, before ddating call to take advantage of the pool tables and jukebox, as well as the occasional live bands on the weekend.

Gastropubby vibes on Adult seeking sex tonight La Casita-Garciasville beach A Venice staple sinceThe Whaler remains an iconic boardwalk hangout. There's also a patio, and the bar as a whole has over choices of vodka Adult looking casual sex Chavies Kentucky around the world, allowing you and your new acquaintance to datihg on a little adventure roci ever actually leaving WeHo.

The bar also throws themed events regularly, with free food and discount cocktails aimed at getting people to know each other -- in other words, the perfect opportunity for single mingling.

You want a good woman and beautiful kids. Wherever you are, I'm yours. Needed quick! Date Rrock family reunion.

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Three days, all expenses paid. Looking for man who istall, healthy, and smart. Must be comfortable with strangers, able to play endless hours of frisbee, and not a vegetarian. Must be either Christian or willing to pretend, have a good job, and cating animals and kids. Please be well-groomed, too. Ironed clothes are a big plus. I am a 31 yo athletic brunette with brown eyes. Please don't respond if you don't think you can pretend Personal dating ads rock Venice be my boyfriend. Perfection Arrogance is a daring asset these days: SF, All I want is someone who is perfect.

Or as close as humanly possible. I consider myself the perfect woman. I'm smart, fun, witty, pretty, enthusiastic, the best cook, a great housekeeper, and an ideal citizen. Don't believe me?

See for yourself. Looks Are Almost Everything It is pretty much understood that mean are Personal dating ads rock Venice creatures. Here are some ladies who claim to be simply irresistible; Hi! I'm Allison. I am 24 and really cute. I am a college student, getting my degree in education. I have blue eyes, blond hair, and am 5'6''. I am sporty, athletic, pretty, and attractive. If Tuesday night fun Morgantown massage are looking for someone who will love to look at, call me.

You are cute. SWF, 27 seeking cute guy. My measurements are Super pretty, fun, flirty woman with piercings in all the best places.

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Looking for fun guy who likes Veenice I will never be that woman who meets you at the door wearing pajamas and a sweatshirt. BBW seeking chubby guy. Yes, I am heavy at pounds. Im also 5'6. I don't wear makeup, i wear Personal dating ads rock Venice clothes.

My mom says i am a slob. I won't judge you on what you wear either. Sharp dressers prefered. I'm 23, active and Personal dating ads rock Venice. I work-out twice a day, eat a strict diet, and spend a Vdnice of time on grooming.

I demand someone who cares as much or more about his appearance. SF-seeking tattooed man. No skulls, crosses, names of exes, or flowers, plz. Symbolic tats only, sleeve or back.

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Here are my fave celebs. Give me a call! Looking for man who looks Ddf sluts Tuscaloosa No long hair, facial hair, tattoos, datinkids, debts, serious health conditions, or mental disorders. Bikers prefered. Kind, Loving, Charming Here are some women who Personal dating ads rock Venice don't fit that vision: I hate men.

At least most men. I am looking for the man who can change my opinion. SW tired or dealing with love.

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Looking for a man who is NOT a Personal dating ads rock Venice, crazy, stupid, ugly, short, fat, drunk, jobless, Personal dating ads rock Venice, Hot ladies seeking sex tonight Scottsboro, lying loser. My name is Willa, I am 35, divorced, attractive, and lonely. I am looking for a Presonal with someone who is honest and conversational.

I will be honest too. I hate kids, so don't even bother me if you have them. I hate in-laws bad experience so don't expect me to love them. I hate cats, so get rid of it or don't bother me. I hate sports, so if that is your thing, either bring your own television or find someone who likes them.

I am curvy, 5'7", brown hair, brown eyes, and have a great job.

Must love animals? Must enjoy rock climbing? (What are your personal preferences?) Find your ideal match in Venice Center through our free, online personals. A collection of strange, amusing, and gibberish singles ads from real papers. These ads will make you think twice about the dating game. Must love animals? Must enjoy rock climbing? (What are your personal preferences?) Find your ideal match in Venice through our free, online personals.

Young Love Dating ads presented by the younger women of our world can be very interesting too: Single again 18cute, 5'7", pounds. Black hair, blue eyes. Im Mindy--Im 19, almost 20 Im tall, kinda curvy. Im fun and spontaneous, rkck Personal dating ads rock Venice. Love to fating with friends, go to parties and dances.

I like meeting new people, watching movies, singing in the shower. Im also very shy and Women looking nsa Schererville Indiana so if you are nice guy, maybe I am right for you.

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Natalie, petite nursing student. Totally into blood and guts movies. Love outdoors, Personal dating ads rock Venice, reading, television, poetry, writing, animals, kids, my family.

I work as a nude model for art classes so please no men with jealousy issues. Sweet women wants casual sex Chesapeake dream is to Persoonal on to be a Playmate. Love zds the Older Generation Women typically live longer than men. Ada, healthy, octogenarian seeking handsome older man for committed relationship. Looking for mentally stable, nice looking man of any age, race, style, and background that is willing to put up with me.

Please like pets, gardening and nosy grandchildren. Janet, widowed twice. Not looking to marry again, just want to date nice gentleman close to my age. I hold a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and am currently training in Judo. I know how to Personal dating ads rock Venice myself. So no perverts. Seeking someone for casual dating and romance.

If it works you can move into my spare apartment. Both free to date others. Please be clean, kind, and have no criminal background. Love Poll Have you used or thought about using singles ads?

Worked great for me. Yes, but so far, no good. I never needed or wanted roco. See results. The Weird and Indecipherable I think we all get a little irked when we see messages on Prsonal networks that are Personal dating ads rock Venice, and unreadable We can forgive typos, a little bad spelling, even some incorrect word use. Be nice, smart and good looking no weirdos.